Magnolia Lane Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Barber and Beauty

Magnolia Lane offers on-site beauty and barber shop services.


A stylist is available each week to take care of our residents beauty needs. This service is available at an additional, but reasonable fee.

Resident’s Council

Our Resident’s Council meets every month and gives residents a voice regarding their life in the facility and allows them an opportunity to enhance their living experience.  Residents are able to express their likes and dislikes, discuss news and upcoming events, plan special projects and other activities, discuss the residents’ choice meal of the month, residents’ rights, and any concerns the residents may have.

Family Support

Although we don’t have a specific support group we do have a lot of compassion for every family member. Our staff works closely with family to accommodate the interest and needs of their loved ones. For celebrations, birthday parties or simple family get-togethers the facility offers private settings that can be reserved for these occasions.council 3

The facility also holds care plan meetings as necessary for the continued excellence in care of our residents. The purpose of the meeting is to have a formally planned time to discuss the plan of care with the resident and their family as desired. It is here that we address any concerns family may have. Of course we have an open door policy and are available to discuss any issues as they arise.

Although the services provided by our facility are vital to our residents, family involvement is an essential part of their recuperation and well-being. We lean upon one another!

Religious Services

Residents enjoying church

Residents Enjoying Church

Magnolia Lane Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has wonderful church volunteers who provide religious services throughout the month.  All religious preferences are welcomed and recognized.


Transportation VanMagnolia Lane Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers an in-house transportation van that is equipped to transport wheelchairs. The van is available Monday through Saturday to take residents to their outside medical appointments. Occasionally, the facility will offer in-house wheelchair transport on Sundays, but proper documentation and approval will be needed.

For stretcher transportation to appointments, Magnolia Lane has contracted with local transportation services.

Other Amenities:

  • housekeeping
  • laundry service