Magnolia Lane Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Our facility provides and encourages our residents to actively participate in activity functions such as games, music, religious services and entertainment. This encourages socialization and a sense of community for our residents.

Our Activities Department knows that every day is a day to be celebrated, and we do just that! Regular meetings are held excersie is funwith our residents so they may voice exactly what they would like to have scheduled, and our calendar brings these ideas to reality. Our Activity Department offers a variety of programs based on each resident’s interests, physical abilities and level of cognitive functioning. When necessary, our activity staff and dedicated volunteers seek to modify activities to focus on abilities rather than deficits and to ensure our residents experience success and fulfillment through participation.

Magnolia Lane’s Activities Department provides a direct connection between residents and the surrounding community. games 2Outings to community events, sporting venues, local eateries, county fairs and flea markets, local parades or just taking a ride through the countryside are available to ensure that our residents maintain this important connection to the broader   paint 2 community. The activity staff also plans and implements a variety of events within our facility. Additionally, many volunteer groups and individuals lead activities, such as worship with local church groups, fingernail painting, educational exhibits and displays and music and dance recitals.

Family members are invited to participate in the daily activities with their loved one. This provides an opportunity nail poilsh 3for family members to interact with staff and other families in a controlled setting.

  • Activities are designed to provide physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, social and purposeful stimulation and interaction
  • Activities offer a variety of on-site and off-site opportunities to meet and make new friends
  • One-on-one programs are always available for residents who choose not to participate in group activities
  • Even when there are no scheduled activities, our residents can find a quiet spot to settle with a good book from our library or pick a favorite movie to watch with friends